Millions of business people use our methods to strategize, innovate, and grow in organizations around the world. Discover all the tools and processes from our 3 Best-Selling Books and the latest upcoming book “The Invincible Company”.

You’ll acquire the tools and processes needed for world-class strategy and innovation in German language:

  • Build an invincible company: design the right culture, the right organizational structure to be able to manage a portfolio of new business ideas (EXPLORE) in parallel to your portfolio of existing businesses (EXPLOIT)
  • Detect and prevent disruption risk of your existing business(es)
  • Improve your business design with business model patterns
  • Create products and services customers want with Value Proposition Design
  • Test new business ideas systematically to reduce the risk of failure
  • Measure progress in de-risking new business ideas with innovation metrics
  • Compete on business models rather than products, services and price only

Business Model Innovation


  • The Corporate Innovation Landscape
  • The Leadership Challenge & Ambidextrous Organizations
  • Types of Innovation
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Business Model Innovation Best Practices
  • Evaluating Business Model Mechanics
  • Design Improvement with Business Model Mechanics
  • Pitching: How to impact your audience?
  • Business Model Disruption
  • Business Model Shifts
  • Blue Ocean Strategies
Value Proposition Design


  • Creating Value for Customers
  • The Value Proposition Canvas
  • Value Proposition Design Best Practices
  • Design Thinking
  • Ideation Techniques
  • Prototyping Techniques
Testing & de-risking Innovation


  • Why do innovations fail?
  • Customer Development (Steve Blank) und LEAN startup
  • Testing Library
Managing Innovation & Portfolios

(Brand New Concepts from The Invincible Company)


  • Innovation Culture
  • Innovation Portfolios
  • Organizational Structures
  • Innovation Metrics & Innovation Accounting
  • Prototyping Profit
  • Innovation Process & Sprints


What participants shared about the Masterclass


“Two mega inspiring days that could not have been more insightful. My next Value Proposition Design customer appointment is coming up next week – and thanks to the Masterclass – I’m better prepared than ever. Thank you Christian Doll and your great team.”

Miriam Rieder

“Very compact workshop to dive into the methodology of business model canvas, value proposition design, business idea testing and business idea portfolio management. Best part was using these methods yourself and learn from Christian and Andreas on best practices. Thanks for sharing your learnings, Christian and Andreas.”

Markus J. Ganter

“Best training I ever had, thanks to the great team and the other participants for inspiring me!”

Violetta Meyer

“Still remembering my Masterclass with Christian 4 years ago. If I could, I would love to join every year 🚀 💡 🎁 😄. For those who haven’t been yet: You shoulddefinitely go. It’s a huge enrichment!”

Bettina Stoob

“These were two extremely nourishing and inspiring days. Head full of inspiration. What impressed me most: – we experienced a really systematic approach to new business models, which is at the same time very descriptive and narrative and ideal for working in interdisciplinary teams. – the 7 questions to assess one’s own business model were an eye-opener – amazing how much innovation can be found in business models, while companies are often only fixated on the product or service -always central and starting point: the “desirability” of the service comes before “feasiblity “and before “viability”. The customer in the center. Many thanks to Christian Doll, Andreas Frei, Jana Stevanovic and many more for this (perfectly organized) seminar and Stefan Pilkowski Christiane Vogell Oliver Jahn and many other participants for the good conversations during the (short) breaks!”

Dorothée Braun