Certified coach for business model innovation

I am supporting clients (mainly in B2B-markets) who want to identify and design business growth engines to address new markets, new customers or to commercialize new technologies and product ideas.

As a certified BMC Strategyzer coach (by Alexander Osterwalder) I am connected to a network of international thought leaders in the domains of value proposition design, Business Model Innovation (BMI) and innovation management.

As a keynote or sessional speaker I provide knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to systematic business model thinking, business design and innovation.

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Systematic Business Model Thinking has the potential to provide sustainable impact to how we develop new growth engines.
And this movement has just begun.

-- Christian Doll --

Coach & Management Consultant

I can help you design great business models

By applying a systematic approach for BMI, we will jointly ideate, map, analyze, design and question business model ideas and thus create new growth engines for your business.

For your team I will facilitate an innovation search journey to find the most promising way to create, deliver and capture value in your business context.

We will collaboratively identify your customers’ future demands, ideate, test and select value proposition options and business model prototypes as your best options to make money in future.

If you are wondering how you can create new business growth engines
to keep generating impact for your customers and
to sustain your company’s future . . .

Great companies are about executing today’s success AND inventing tomorrow’s growth simultaneously.

-- Alexander Osterwalder --

Workshops & Keynotes


Welcome to the age of evolving business models and missing sustainable competitive advantages

As a certified BMC Strategyzer Trainer, after my workshops, the participants understand why business model thinking is the core while designing new growth engines and thus stay ahead of competition.

They master and can apply the systematic approach for value proposition design and business model innovation, which is practiced by leading innovators around the world.

Sample Workshop Outlines


You will understand why business model innovation is the next big thing in innovation management

Discover the systematic approach to ideate, map, analyze, design and question business models and thus create new growth engines and improve the competitive advantage position for your business.

In a highly visual and engaging way I will introduce you to strategyzer’s business model approach, which is practiced in multiple industries throughout the world.

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Upcoming public Workshops & Keynotes


Munich, 16./17.11.2017 – Workshop Facilitation

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Selection of past public Workshops & Keynotes
Munich, 09./10.06.2016 – Workshop Facilitation
Munich, 20.04.2016: Keynote “Lean-Innovation for developping new Business Areas
Perchtoldsdorf, 21.04.2016 – Workshop Facilitation “Value Proposition Design Sprint
Munich, 10./11.09.2015 – Workshop Facilitation
Munich, 26.11.2014: Keynote “Introduction into Business Model Thinking for Corporate Startups
Aachen, 13.11.2014: Keynote “Praxiserfahrungen eines Business Model Designers
Copenhagen, 04.11.2014: Workshop “Exercise: Start innovating your Business Model by experiencing BMI-Tools and Triggers
Lünen, 27.06.2014: Keynote “Corporate Startups: Designing new Growth Engines
Paris, 24.06.2014: Workshop “Let’s design new Growth Engines: Exercises to map and reinvent your Business Model
Aachen, 10.04.2014: Workshop “You(r) make(r) Business Model – Idea prototyping for the Maker Revolution
Nuremberg, 07.04.2014: Keynote “Let’s design new Growth Engines
Hannover, CeBit 2014, 13.03.2014: Keynote “Messy, but systematic Process for Business Model Innovation
Aachen, 07.03.2014: Keynote “Praxiserfahrungen eines Business Model Designers
Berlin, 13.12.2013: Workshop “3D Business Model Design
Munich, 24.10.2013: Workshop “Business Model Innovation
Stavanger, 18.06.2013: Workshop “A systematic Approach for Business Model Innovation
Amsterdam, 28.05.2013: Workshop “Business Model Mapping & Reinvention – a systematic Approach for Business Model Innovation
Aachen, 18.04.2013: Keynote “A systematic Approach for Business Model Innovation
Copenhagen, 05.03.2013: Keynote: “Systematic Design-Approach for Business Model Innovation
Munich, 02./03.11.2012: Workshop “Business Model Innovation
London, 27.09.2012: Keynote “Business Model Innovation

The Business Model Canvas is a practical business tool to design, test, implement and manage business models over their lifecycle.

-- Alexander Osterwalder --



Created by best-selling-author Alexander Osterwalder and his co-founders, strategyzer.com is a business model toolbox. In addition to the 3 business model design tool (see below), it contains the strategyzer online-course (to learn how to craft business models that work and value proposition that sell), the strategyzer app (to build your business model online with your team) and the strategyzer academy (with lots of helpful videos to facilitate the innovation search journey of business model designers).
Strategyzer.com can be seen as the most popular toolbox in business innovation worldwide.

As a certified BMC Strategyzer Trainer I have access to the whole business model tool box and thus I am happy to use it in my engagement with clients.

Business Model

An organization’s business model can be described in nine building blocks and mapped out in a pre-structured canvas: the business model canvas. This tool helps you to describe, discuss, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your current business model as well as your future growth engines. You can map out the most important components of your business (idea) in just one image. Thus the business model canvas is a very popular strategic tool for management and entrepreneurship.


Value Proposition

The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool that will help you design, test and manage great customer value propositions. It is like a plug-in to the Business Model Canvas. The tool is based on two elements of your business model: the customer segment you intent to create value for and the value proposition you believe will attract customers. With the value proposition canvas you can map out both in more granularity and show the fit between what you offer and what customers want.


Business Model

The nine building blocks of the business model canvas are the elements you have control over. Of course no business model can be operated in a vacuum. It is created in an environment. There will be competitors, customers, trends and the overall status of the economy that will constrain your business model design. Understanding and constantly monitoring the Business Model Environment will enable you to design better, thus more competitive business models.


Prototyping is about building to think. It allows you to quickly and cheaply make ideas tangible so that they can be tested and evaluated – before you’ve had the time to fall in love with them.

-- IDEO --

3D Business Prototyping

Have you ever experienced an innovation project situation where tools like flip-charts, white-boards, word-docs, powerpoint-presentations or excel-sheets NOT seem to deliver the best results? Didn’t you feel that creating, connecting, explaining and maturing ideas in 2D is too limited?
Why not using a 3D prototyping technique to work on ideas more sufficient – facilitated by material everybody is familiar to play with?
In such case, a workshop-format using LEGO® Serious Play® materials and methodology can bring you and your team beyond the 2D limits.

3D Business Prototyping Workshops

To work on future scenario and think through business ideas in sufficient detail, especially during early stages – workshops using LEGO® Serious Play® materials and methodology is a very good choice. In the last 5 years I used LEGO® Serious Play® to support clients to create

  • innovation strategies,
  • trend-to-business visions,
  • technology-to-business scenarios,
  • customer/user experience scenarios,
  • multi layer project plans,
  • product portfolios / value proposition visions,
  • and business model prototypes.

As an experienced 3D business prototyping workshop facilitator I can help to enable your team (up to 50 participants) to come up with amazing work to create, express, discuss and present ideas in a different dimension.

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3D Business Prototyping Workshop Kit

In order to facilitate 3D Business Prototyping, a workshop kit with LEGO® Serious Play® materials is needed in a way where FINDING instead of SEARCHING for the right bricks to express ideas is the ultimate goal. In my 5-years experience, I learnt which bricks in which sorting works best for 3D Business Prototyping. My workshop kit is ready for use for up to 50 participants.

My 3D Business Prototyping Workshop Kit contains:

  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Identity and Landscape Kit,
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Connections Kit,
  • additional some 1700 LEGO® bricks and plates,
  • sorted in several professional organizers in
  • two flight cases.

Have a look!
If you want to save time & hassle and take advantage of this ready-to-be-used Workshop Kit – it is available for purchase and ready to be shipped within max. 2 weeks (within EU).

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I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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